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Antique Dolls, Vintage Dolls and Contemporary Dolls

Antique bisque and china dolls. Antique Porcelain Dolls, Secondary market dolls and vintage dolls! Buy antique dolls with confidence, 35 years of knowledge buying and selling antique dolls.

German Antique Dolls and French Antique Dolls are timeless treasures. We offer antique dolls and vintage dolls as well as many secondary market dolls and new contemporary dolls such as Victorian style Dolls, Ballerina Dolls and Baby Dolls.

The market for antique porcelain dolls continues to remain strong, with many new antique doll collectors seeking vintage and antique dolls. Vintage dolls are special in their own way as many of us relate to them from our own childhood. Vintage vinyl dolls, composition dolls, antique celluloid dolls, cloth dolls and hard plastic antique dolls are available . Many porcelain dolls were manufactured in the 1980's and 1990's as collectibles by such companies as the Ashton Drake Galleries and The Hamilton Collection. These contemporary porcelain dolls are offered in our secondary market dolls sectionl.

Many people collect antique dolls as they are some of the most beautiful antiques that are available to collectors today. Antique dolls can be collected with a minimum amount of room unlike antique furniture!. Antique dolls can tug at your heartstrings more than books or tools!! Many antique dolls such as china dolls can be collected quite inexpensively . Antique dolls also complement collections of antique doys, trains and Christmas!

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