April 16, 2020 Doll Hospitals

Doll Hospitals

Doll hospitals used to be commonplace, and now they are nearly non-existent! In today’s disposable society this is not surprising, along with the electronic world taking over genuine imaginative play.

Most doll hospitals now specialize in restoration, as only antique dolls are worth the time and money to repair. The good news is, that with modern porcelain dolls, it is not difficult to do repairs yourself. Finding the parts needed to do so can be the challenging part. This doll repair website is actually amazing with a very vast collection of porcelain doll parts, doll wigs, doll eyes and clothing. Just about anything you might need to renew or repair a more modern porcelain doll.

A few helpful tutorials are also included

How to Measure for Replacement Parts
Restoration Tips
Doll Doctor Directory