April 16, 2020 The Antique Doll Mystique

The Antique Doll Mystique

We have been told that the doll market is dead! So what is happening at shows and , online and at auctions.

The weak economy has definitely played a part in all collectible niches making travel to shows less attractive for both dealers and buyers, good advertising is also expensive! The upside to this is that despite this, attendance at doll shows has been good and dealers have been selling! The buyers seem to be however from about a 100 mile radius.

So what dolls are drawing the most interest? In the vintage/modern era, dolls from the 1950’s and 1960’s seem to have a strong following such as Chatty Cathy, Cissy, Miss Revlon and Barbie. These were all play dolls so condition is everything when looking, and accessories are a real challenge to find.

Quality Antique dolls still remain very strong in the market. Quality is the key word! The internet has given collectors access to an international market and can pick and choose. Damaged or very ordinary items seem to be left behind!. Antique clothing, shoes, wigs and accessories.

We believe that doll collectors will continue to buy! With so much more available online the show quality has risen and the door has been opened for beginner collectors with reasonable prices on more common dolls than ever before. Just because they may be common does not mean they are not fantastically beautiful!!!!

I personally have an amazing collection of antique dolls, some are rare, many are not but simply beautiful regardless. Even when buying dolls that are more common such as the AM dolls, there are excellent examples of excellent quality out there, as well as more average dolls.

There are some lovely examples of antique dolls here.