April 28, 2020 The Greater Toronto Doll Show

The Greater Toronto Doll Show

Sunday May 3rd  2020

Holiday Inn – 590 Argus Road, Oakville, Ontario.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic this show has been cancelled. Check back for the future date.

The Vintage Doll Club of Southern Ontario and The Greater Toronto Doll Show

We are one of the smallest clubs in the United Federation of Doll clubs. We are in Region 16….affectionately known as “the rest of the world ” meaning doll clubs outside of the USA. Region 16 also includes individual members  who are unaffiliated with a club. These people are referred to as Members at Large or MALs.

Our club was started in 1997.  Our members come from a wide area of Southern Ontario and sometimes travel over 150 kilometers to attend our monthly meetings.

The main purpose of our club is research and education. Most meetings are on specific topics. Our first meeting of each year chooses the topics, presenters and locations of each meeting. We also designate 2 members for each meeting to provide refreshments and 1 member to provide a raffle prize. Everybody participates so that the jobs are shared. We have had presentations on dolls  of a certain era such as the 1950’s, and of different manufacturers such as Simon and Halbig or types of dolls such as googlies or characters.

A recent meeting was on Japanese bisque dolls. A large variety of dolls were brought from one collection and other members brought dolls in the category to add to the discussion. In many cases program presenters provide written hand outs and photos or illustrations of markings.

We host an annual doll show in the Toronto area. This year it will be in Oakville in May. Antique and modern dolls are offered for sale as well as related clothing and accessories. We also provide UFDC information at the show to encourage the formation of new clubs or members at large. (MALs).

We support a number of charitable endeavors including the Red Cross, layettes for new babies, toiletries for mothers in shelters, and Christmas gifts for families in need. The money for these projects is raised through our Doll Shows and our monthly raffles.  

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