Walda Second Generation


The Walda doll has a cloth body with stitched hips for bending, porcelain fired and painted white shoulder head, stationary glass like eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, cheek blush and rosebud red lips, with porcelain lower arms and legs.



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Walda Second Generation – Beloved Walda Porcelain Doll 1980 Dark Hair

Walda Second Generation – Beloved Walda Porcelain Doll 1980.

After the original Walda doll flooded the market in 1980, with ads in every tv guide and many other magazines, the easily recognizable Pioneer dressed dolls popularity gave rise to the second generation of mass produced porcelain dolls from China. This doll is a predecessor to the third generation, that had inset eyes, but was still made from white porcelain, with painted skin tones.

This Walda is a wonderful example of these dolls, all original and in pristine condition. Hard to find in this condition! She has her original clothing, wig, and is clean as a whistle. Standing 18″ tall, she can be posed standing with a stand or will also sit. Cloth body with porcelain shoulder head, half arms and legs.


Often mistaken for a priceless antique, she was actually made in the late 1970’s. My Walda is all original, clean, fresh and stands 18″ tall.






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